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What some of our clients have said about us.

Here are just a few of the testimonials and accolades we’ve received over the years.  They are unedited except when necessary to protect the privacy of others.


I do not remember if I sent you a note so I am sending this one now.  I wanted you to know how much the W. Family LOVED everything TTSW planned for them.  They could not say enough good things about their vacation.  It is always a pleasure when our preferred suppliers make our clients happy.   It makes us look great and they come back and recommend us to their friends.   Thanks for taking great care of our clients.



All the best!



Donna Devore

Vice President

Rich Worldwide Travel


Dear Bruce,

                We are finally back home after a really enjoyable holiday, one of the outstanding highlights being the four days you planned for me and my family. Thank you for providing something we can talk about for a long time to come. Everything was perfect except that had I known what an ATV was at the planning stage, I would probably have excluded Anna and myself from that ride. However, Anna very proudly shows everyone a photo of her driving one.

It was a great pleasure meeting you and thank you again for the magnificent collection of activities and sights,



A Review by Betsy Donley, and agent at Camelback Travel in Phoenix.



How about riding a Navaho horse, with a Navaho guide, into the second largest canyon in the US?  How about seeing evidence of civilizations that lived centuries before Columbus discovered America?  The canyon is Canyon de Chelley in the northeast corner of Arizona, and the experience is breathtaking on many levels.  You see ruins of Native American culture, the Anasazi, a civilization that mysteriously disappeared around 1200 AD.  You ride close to petroglyphs and pictrographs that recorded their lives and observations in and on stone walls of the canyon.  You also see the ruins of their graineries (rock storehouses where they kept their corn safe), and the footholds carved high up the canyon walls to reach where they lived in mud brick dwellings, safe from animals, enemies, and flash floods.  Your guide explains how all these sights came to be...and weaves in the lives of the Navaho people that live there today.


You enter the canyon in the morning, have a picnic lunch in the midst of these wonders, and by late afternoon you have reached your camp site for the night.  This is another level of breathtaking because we are camped beneath a canyon wall, surrounded by a field of daisies. Our horses are released to wander amid the area below.  Our 2-person tents are in a semi circle, and outfitted with foam-padded cots, luxuriously soft down sleeping bags, towels, battery lights, and an adjacent table that has a mirror, toiletry items, pitcher of water, and basin.  There is also a portable shower with hot water, lovely soap and lotions, located a discreet distance from the tents.


In the center of the camp area a table is set with china and crystal, complete with fresh flowers!  Our outfitter, Bruce Sawyer, also the owner of Touch the Southwest, is making hors d'oeuvres of brie and pear on tortillas..with a gourmet dinner of grilled salmon waiting in the wings. It should be mentioned that Bruce is a Culinary Institute of America you can believe the meals are exceptional.  Australian wines compliment, and flow freely.  Dinner finishes around a roaring campfire, where chocolates and port wine are passed, while a Navaho storyteller narrates the age-old lore of the canyon and how things came to be.

Two nights are spent in the canyon, both of them memorable on historical and sensual levels.  The horses allow us to travel the entire length of the canyon.  Other tourists come in 4-wheel drive vehicles or huge overland carriers, look around the first part of the canyon, and leave after a few hours. Our campsites are accessible only by the horses, so night fall finds us in an empty canyon, with the silence, the stars, and this time, a full moon.


The third morning we ride out of the canyon..a winding rocky path that is a thrill in itself!  The horses are left at their ranch and we get into our civilized suburbans and drive to the Hopi Reservation.  We meet Gary, one of

2 Hopi guides with access to the second largest petroglyph in North America, painted from 300 to 1100 AD.  It tells of the lives of the former desert dwellers.  Gary has guided photographers and writers from National Geographic.  We gain a history of the Hopi civilization thru walking  "Old Oraibi", and visiting a protected ruin of a Spanish village, amid the lithic scatter of pottery chards from many centuries.


The days are a history lesson of American, the West and the Native American culture that came before us.  All in all it is a hands-on experience that only Bruce Sawyer and his incredible contacts can provide.


Betsy Donley

Camelback Travel


Dear Brenda,

I just got off the phone with Mr. Phillips. They had a fabulous time !!!!!!!!!!!! They said the Pink Jeeps were a blast. She was glad you talked them into doing that part of the trip. They loved their guide, Rob. He was very good with the girls and VERY knowledgeable about his product. They said your husband was a chef and prepared a fabulous picnic for them. She appreciated your "nudge" at the BW when they arrived. She was most appreciative of your call to PHX to update them on everything as well as your call checking during their excursion to the GC. She really said she was so glad they had decided on this private tour. I think George was a little more conscious of the cost. I think that's a man thing anyhow.

I appreciate your making me look good on their 1st trip with me.

Thanks for everything.


Ginny Thornton, CTC

Independent Associate of Sterling  Brownell Travel




Just got off the phone with Mr. Goldsmith, their Moab, Zion, Bryce vacation was "the trip of a lifetime!" He said his wife Debra DID break a rib canyoneering. I cannot believe she kept going and went horseback riding, white water rafting and hiking without missing a beat. What a tropper.  They wanted to adopt Rob (their Zion guide), and bring him back home with them. He was the best. They also loved Herb. I can't remember what part of the trip he said they met Herb. He said you guys took care of them every step of the way, and he's going to contact us when he's ready to plan next summer's adventure, probably Yosemite!


Thank you so much for everything. I'll pass this info onto Meg too so she knows what a stellar job Touch the Southwest has done for our clients.  Mark is going to email some pictures of their adventure, so as soon as I get them, I'll forward them to you too!


Thanks again!!! I'll be in touch again with future business!


Deborah Barth, CTA

Leisure Travel Consultant

Brownell  - A Virtuoso Agency


I just heard back from Mr. Connors first thing this morning with a Thank You Call!   You truly have made me look good.  He enjoyed all the guides and was so impressed with everything.  Yellowstone was his first national park ever and Madeline the guide made a real impression with her knowledge.  His favorites were Yellowstone, Zion and the Grand Canyon.  Bryce was his least favorite ( probably due to the fall, at least he feel the right way, if he fell backwards I guess he would have been over the cliff!   Eeek!) and he was not real thrilled with Moab, the jeep rides kind of freaked him, I think.  He wanted to know if I am this good at all destinations and I told him I like to think I am!  Told him my other specialties, so that is it.  If we have impressed these gentleman, I have you and Brenda to thank for putting together all the land details and making it all go smoothly.

 I will let Virtuoso know so they can put you in the “on sites who make you a star” column.  Take care!



Deborah Trevino

Premier Aussie Specialist -Opal Award Winner, New Zealand Specialist, 2008 Travel & Leisure A List Agent

Hobson Travel, Ltd. - a Virtuoso agency


Thank you for sending my hat I left on the van.

The tour of the Grand Canyon with Bruce was the highlight of our visit.

When you get a chance, please sent me some brochures of you company. I've talked to several people that are planning trips to the Sedona area. We really recommend your tour.


Thanks again,

Bob Williams


Dear Brenda and Rob:


We had such a wonderful time, and Rob was just so very very giving of all of his time and

knowledge.  Thank you both so very much for making our trip so wonderful.  All the

rooms and trips were perfect for everyone.  Thanks again.  I am mailing an extra tip for

Rob to your office for him, as Lisa left her's out.    Jeane Marie Swalm


Hi Brenda,

Just finished a wonderful day traveling to the Grand Canyon.  Rob was wonderful ... very informative and actually gave Rita and I a suggestion for a restaurant in Sedona.  It was awesome.  Our lunch was equally awesome ... so glad we were able to travel today with you.  If I come back into the area I will definitely look you up for more adventures.  Thanks again ... Connie


Hi Bruce,

I hope this gets through to you OK – We just wanted to thank you so much for the unforgettable trip to the Grand Canyon last week. It was great to get such personal and knowledgeable service.  We also have to thank you for the advice to go to Wupatki and Sunset Crater that made another really memorable day – we decided that the Petrified Forest was a bit too far after all and we have seen one before even if it was in Greece.

So once again many thanks, and as we said last week, if you ever find yourself in England, you must take a look at our little gentle (but still very interesting) Gorge in Ironbridge – take a look at


Very best wishes

Gar & Gill Simmons


Dear Bruce and Brenda: 


Thank you for a most beautiful tour and Rob was a wonderful guide, as you said he would be, Bruce.  It was a fabulous experience.





Hi Brenda,


We are home from our wonderful vacation to Sedona.  I just wanted to let you know that we had a fabulous time on our tour to the Grand Canyon and Drew was a fantastic tour guide.  He made the day interesting and enjoyable.

We would certainly recommend your tour to anyone that is visiting the area.


Thank you,



Gayle McLean

Risk Strategies Company


Thanks, Bruce!

Glad to see it worked out like this.  Mrs. Rosenberg is running around town saying that on a scale of 1-10, the trip was a 12!  It's good to keep her feeling that way.

A pleasure working with you,

Linda Munson

Royal International Travel



Thanks for everything!  The tour was outstanding!!!


Carol Phillips

Product Development Team Leader

Great American Opportunities, Inc.


Hi Brenda


We just returned home.  We had an amazing float down the Snake River - I think next time the kids want to go on the overnight!  The entire trip was amazing such an incredible experience.


I have to say that the Jackson Lake Lodge is one of the best family spots I've ever experienced.  You really did a wonderful job with our trip and we just want to thank you again for everything.


Warmest regards, Randi Crawford and family


Hi Bruce and Brenda,

This is from Mrs. Miller. 

I took a tour on Wednesday, with my husband and children and their friends, to the Grand Canyon with Jerry Snow.  Just wanted to let you know that we had a good time and Jerry was great.  He sure knows a lot about the area and he was very patient with our questions and OOHHHS and AWWWWS.  We traveled in comfort in the Yukon, put the shortest people in the way back and the air conditioning was comfortable all the way to the back of the vehicle.


Lunch was a delight.  We enjoyed everything.  But the special favorites in our family were the Pasta Salad and the Brownies.  The pasta had corn in it and a southwest flavor, like taco seasoning and the chili powder in the brownies was a distinct hit with us.  I wonder if you will share the recipes?  We would like these to become regulars at our family gatherings.  Jerry said that you are a Personal Chef, Bruce.  That is way cool.  I run the Dining Services department at a retirement community near San Diego and I have worked with several chefs in my years in this business.  I have a special fondness for some of them, others are way too volatile.


I looked at your website after our trip.  Very interesting.  If we are back in the area we will book with you again for a different adventure.


Anyway, wanted to tell you everything was great about our tour, from my first phone contact with Brenda to all the followup phone calls to get everything set, to our pick-up, tour, lunch, guide, and safe delivery back to our home-away-from-home.

Thanks for everything.  Please be in touch if you can give me the recipes for the pasta salad and brownies.  If it helps for you to say yes, you should know that my son has already informed me that I have to try to duplicate the brownies by preparing batch after batch, adding chili powder in different amounts till I get it right.  I'd rather just get it right the first time.


Thanks for everything,


Penny Miller


Bruce -


Thanks for your email.  My daughter (10), my mother and I had a great time on July 24 when we went to the Grand Canyon with your guide Jerry. He was a wonderful guide --a great driver and full of knowledge.  The lunch was delicious, too. I understand that you prepare the meals. We especially enjoyed the spicy brownies.  I've got to find a recipe for those!!


I am working on articles and pitches for articles now.  Often it takes a while before you know what and when something will be printed or appear online.  When I have something I know is coming out that includes your tours, I will let you know. I will also contact you if I need any additional info. 


Thanks so much.

Warm Regards - Jan

Jan Myers

Freelance Writer 

Publishing & PR



My wife and I had a wonderful tour of the Grand Canyon.  The rest of the vacationers were cordial and friendly.  Bruce was wonderful as a guide.  We had a great deal of information imparted to us--sometimes too much. 

Seriously, it was the highlight of our trip.  We thank you very much.



I have just had 2 couples complete a very high-end 31 day trip through the Western National Parks handled by Bruce Sawyer and Brenda at Touch the Southwest. They were a delight to work with and provided superior service, guides, detailed itinerary and expert knowledge. This trip became like a personal safari and the travelers were extremely sophisticated. We have specialized guides in Yosemite, Zion, Bryce, Monument Valley, Mesa Verde, Chaco, Taos, Santa Fe and Grand Canyon and they were all good and had superb qualifications. According to the clients the very best guide was Bruce Sawyer himself.

After seeing the PBS Ken Burns series, the National Parks – America’s Best Idea, it is really lovely to have such a fine On Site who can make a trip to the National Parks as educational, life enhancing, fun AND profitable as any foreign FIT.

Kudos to Bruce & Brenda of Touch the Southwest and kudos to Virtuoso to having such a fine and professional On-Site in the United States.

Susie Maurer

Landmark Travel Ltd. 


Just a note to say that our trip was fabulous!  Bruce was absolutely delightful, informative and entertaining.  Lunch was just perfect and very tasty.  Thanks so much for a great day and view of the Grand Canyon.  Would recommend this trip to everyone!  Again, thank you,


Rosie Ownby and the rest of the Ownby group


Hi Brenda and Bruce,


Just wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful Grand Canyon visit.  It was incredible, and so powerful that I fell asleep within an hour of returning to my hotel.  Would recommend this excursion for anyone I know planning to visit.


Take care,



Employ thy time well, if thou meanest to gain leisure.

Benjamin Franklin

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